Remove Cart Products Wordpress Plugin

Remove cart products WordPress plugin

Remove cart products

Remove cart product plugin is useful for removing automatically cart product which is added by the users and it is the best option for my booking website or shopping website. This plugin provides you with the best experience without facing any issues. You can check the below details related to the plugin.

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General information

Plugin Version


WordPress Version Support up to




If you want to check our plugin, download plugin, contact to support team or anything related to the plugin, please contact us using this website contact page or plugin support page. Please check the below buttons related to the plugin.

Installation of WordPress

Maybe, you are all new to WordPress, I would recommend learning a little bit about it before you get started. Here are some friendly Resources on how to get started with WordPress.

Plugin Installation WordPress

The first option for installing this plugin would be to directly upload the file via WordPress plugin Uploader.

  • Log into your WordPress backend.
  • Navigate to Plugins
  • Click Install Plugins
  • Click Upload
  • You need to find the “” in the Upload folder and hit Install now.

If you are experiencing any issues during the installation, I recommend checking out this plugin support.

Install & Setup Plugins

You have probably installed WooCommerce plugin before you installing our plugin please check that, If you not installed then please install WooCommerce plugin, after that you will be able to install our plugin.

Remove Cart Products

Plugin Options

We have providing three ways to remove cart products.

  1. Set Hours or Minutes ( Mandatory )*
  2. After Login user
  3. After Logout User
  4. After Close Browser
  5. Click on Button

Plugins Options Information

As per the time set, the product that carted will automatically removed by the plugin if the user will not going to purchase the product ( Hours / Minutes ). As this is mandatory field, if you do not set these field value then it will take an hour and remove the product automatically that present in cart.

When user are open the site or login, All cart products will be automatically removed.

When user is logout after that all cart product will be removed automatically.

If user are close the whole browser, The product which is added in cart will be automatically removed.

When user click on front end displayed button all cart products will be automatically removed.

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