Optimize Wordpress Site Speed

How to optimize wordpress site speed in 2022

The main reason behind the slow website speed is described below and we have to give you a solution for how to optimize WordPress site speed and it will increase your site speed.

Main Reason behind the slow website speed.

Slow Connectivity

  • Check Server location.
    • Check for targeted customer regions.
      • Check the website’s main target like the UK’s most popular product. We have to check the website in the UK.
      • While purchasing hosting, which server location they have selected.
    • Check Website URL, Sometimes People check the wrong URL.
Google Server Flow Optimize Wordpress Site Speed
  • Use CDN for the website.
    • There are several CDN available in the market and the most popular and free CDN provider is Cloudflare.
      • Before connecting Cloudflare you have to take notes:
        • Make sure you have domain-level access so you can change NS into the server.
        • Make sure All Mails related MX records and txt records are connected properly.
        • Make sure you have informed the client about wait until the NS propagation updation. (Up to 48 Hours) 
        • Check all step by step: https://themeisle.com/blog/cloudflare-for-wordpress-tutorial/
        • Check the image. 1) left side is a normal server serving the data in all regions. 2) right side website hosted with CDN so the same site hosted in all available region cloud host so website request server from the nearby cloud host.


  • Wrong Cache setup into the website.
  • Websites hosted with different servers and different servers support different cache plugins.
    • Siteground support: SG cache plugin.
    • Kinsta server has its own settings and they excluded all popular cache plugins. 
  • Check all cache settings so many times wrong settings slow down the website.
  • So many times a server has its own cache settings and they are activated when a client or you buy a server, Please check all server settings and security policies of the server.
  • WP Engine plugin.

Page Size

Technical Reason

  • Render blocking JS and CSS.
    • This means the website loading all JS and CSS even if it not required for the hero section.
      • To prevent this we can use defer parsing the JS and CSS. due to this option so many times website, the structure will break.
        • You can prevent the structure from breaking as you can excluding the JS and CSS using the website.
  • SSL 
    • Which SSL you have integrated to the server is also imported. So make sure you can choose SSL which loads the faster website.


  • Apply only one setting at a time then clear the website cache and check the website in incognito or private mode, if everything looks fine and works fine then check the website in your speed tools.
  • Switch the server if needed.
  • Switch the theme if needed.
  • Remove unwanted plugins from the website.
  • Check page content like sometimes clients display all content of services, who we are etc on the homepage, that time show only small description and give about us and services page links,(This will also help in on-page SEO.)
  • Check server cache settings.
  • If you are using Godaddy WordPress hosting then check for the CDN option.
  • Check how many requested on the page load, try to reduce by deferring OR combine JS and CSS.(you can also minify JS and CSS)

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